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At Ease Carpet Cleaner is well positioned to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available.  Today, we know that our success as  one of the best carpet cleaning provider around the Fayetteville area  is based on a few solid principles that we  endorse:

  • Consistent, quality carpet care experiences with guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Superior equipment that we manufacture ourselves
  • Highly-trained technicians who are professionally screened and never subcontracted

There are many reasons why At Ease Carpet Cleaning provides the best carpet cleaning service in the Fayetteville area. Not the least of these is our exclusive hot-water extraction method which loosens and lifts the dirt  from the carpet. The drying time is  also faster since most of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet. That means no more leftover soapy residue. You can now say Goodbye! to dirt and Hello! to Clean Carpets & Floors.


At AT EASE CARPET CLEANING FAYETTEVILLE and surrounding, we know that our customers want to have their floors looking brand new. That’s why we begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete full analysis of your floors from carpet,tile, & wood. Then We use our equipment  to remove ground-in dirt and anything else that is located in between and in the deep corners of your floor and also any debris that may or may not be visible to the eye.



Our truck vacuum system pulls out most of the moisture from your carpet, but it may still be damp. It’s okay to walk on it just not in shoes for the time. You can speed up the  drying process with fans or air conditioning. At Ease Carpet Cleaning service is quick and convenient. Your home is back to normal no time. We even arrange your furniture in your home or business to its original state so that your home or workplace is in the same order.Also, if your furniture needs to be cleaned we also have prices for that as well Which is why At Ease Carpet Cleaning has a high standard in carpet care.

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Some of Our Satisfied Clients:

I’ve heard it said that if you’ve had one carpet cleaning service you’ve had them all. Well, this is not the case. At Ease Carpet Cleaning provided top notch cleaning service by a well trained technician. I was especially pleased with the technician’s level of professionalism and the special attention my carpets received. Every square inch of my carpet was spotless including behind the doors in the bedrooms, high traffic areas, and corners. My carpet looks,feels and smells brand new six week after having the cleaned. I Highly recommend At Ease Carpet Cleaning for anyone looking to have their carpet’s luster restored. Thank You again for an outstanding Service  
K.Byrd/ Home-OwnerFayetteville, N.C.