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If your office floors seem  dirty and dull, with ugly wax buildup , At Ease Carpet Cleaning can resolve this issue. For us, floor stripping and waxing is a passion; Before we start working on your floors, we’ll discuss the traffic pattern of all tiled areas, such as how many people walk on the floors from a high amount of people to the lowest and  from there we will provide a  the number of wax coatings needed for your floor.

At Ease Carpet Cleaning hires high quality workers for its floor stripping and waxing services. We begin this multi-step process by mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming the floors. Next we apply stripper solution to your floors. Any  wax buildup  in the  floor corners will be scraped and scooped up. You can tell our technicians are skilled by the way they keep your floors buildup-free. Once the stripper solution has soaked we use our floor scrubber to remove it; Then we place a protective sealant on your floors. Using our mop, we then spread the wax finish. we allow all the  layers of wax  to dry before the next layer is mopped onto the floors. Once all of the wax is dry, we buff your floors to a outstanding shine.


The best way to keep your floors’ looking freshly waxed  is to do periodic maintenance; The best thing to do is to have all your floors buffed every two to three months to maintain the shine.
Please call us at our hours to learn more about our Floor Maintenance Plan options.


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